COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Six members of the Sigma Nu Fraternity are in court Friday morning looking to keep certain evidence from trial.

It surrounds a search by police at the Sigma Nu Fraternity house conducted after Gridnev's death in late August last year.

The fraternity members lawyers say much of that evidence was improperly collected. It was found during a preliminary police search and therefore can't be used at trial.

Those students are, Cole Teel-Jongebloed, Michael Frymire, Andrew Hyman, Aaron Spring, Alex Statler and Sam Patterson.

All charged with possession of narcotics found during that fraternity house police search.

It all started on August 20th a 911 call to police asking a hypothetical question, "What to do when someone overdoses?"

Police responded and found Gridnev unconscious with several types of opiates in his system. They went on to find a cache of drugs in the house and arrested 10 members of the fraternity.