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A Bryan mother is feeling the effects of inflation with a heightened grocery bill, even during the holidays

Bryan mother of four Amber Robertson shared with KAGS how difficult it was to keep food costs down this holiday season with food prices rising

BRYAN, Texas — The price of food such as eggs, bead and milk have rose significantly since 2021, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. 

Items that were cheap, now sky high.

Locally, Amber Robertson, a mother of four, shared her frustration. 

She explained how her monthly grocery bill skyrocketed from last year while struggling to make ends meet for her family, like many others. 

"Now, the same snacks that I was buying back in may are double. The box of chips, the healthier chips are fifteen bucks compared to they used to be nine dollars," Robertson said. "I'm the mom that bakes and stuff and eggs were you know the most affordable thing you can do. Breakfast is very cheap to cook, it's not anymore."

"You might as well cook a gourmet meal at this point."

Robertson considered investing in at-home delivery meals, such as HelloFresh,  that would be a monthly estimate of $150.

It's even spilled into her own giving spirit with her nonprofit organization Brazos Valley Blessings — aimed at helping those in need.

"We're having to cut what we can do," Further explaining, how they've had to become more efficient, stating, "We've had to make that call as a unit, as a team like okay we'd rather them have the bare basic necessities."

Or nothing at all because of the costly effects of the economic decline.

Bargaining and budgeting has been Robertson's best friends as she sticks to the basics to provide for her family and the Brazos Valley.

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