BRYAN, Texas — Inside Sul Ross Elementary, fourth graders are taught about leadership. As the oldest on campus, faculty there say it's a good fit. 

The 100 or so students take part in "Leadership Club." A way for them to learn about different characteristics and traits that demonstrate what it means to be a good leader. 

And sometimes, they get a little help. 

In their monthly meetings, they have leaders from the community who will share some advice. This Thursday, it was the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. 

Four members taught the students about what it means to be a kind, and courageous leader. 

Throughout the meeting, the Cadets shared their own stories, and what their leadership journey looked like. Students were able to ask questions before many were awarded their own leadership achievements. 

Throughout the club, students can advance from a "Novice" leader to an "Expert" leader. 

Sandy Siratt, a math instructional coach at Sul Ross, helps with Leadership Club and says around 30 students were awarded with an "Expert" achievement on Thursday.