COLLEGE STATION, Texas — After school, many sixth graders can be found playing games, doing homework or hanging out with friends. But, for two local sixth grade students, they run their own business. 

Isabella Powers and Tylah Hall are walking dogs. On a mission to become College Station's newest dog walkers. 

"We have a slogan," Powers said. "Want your dog walked? We have your tail." 

The two have been friends for a couple years, and this year decided to go in on their own business adventure. 

Powers said she was researching different jobs that 12 year-olds could have when she reached out to Hall. 

The two said they didn't have too much experience with babies, so baby-sitting was out of the picture.

"We decided the dog business was the best," Powers said. 

So, charging a dollar every five minutes, the two took to the streets of College Station. Literally. They hung posters around the community and around Texas A&M.

But, so far, haven't had any luck. 

The two said they haven't had their first customer yet, but that isn't discouraging them. They said they are still planning some big things. 

"I'm hoping that we will get a lot of texts and calls so we have to get a calendar to schedule all the dog walking appointments," Hall said. 

Because they said they want to be able to give to the community they are a part of. Adding that they would even give some of their profits to local dog charities here in the area.