HOUSTON, Texas -- Courtney Roland, a sports reporter who covers Texas A&M, is missing in the Houston area, according to HPD.

Roland was last seen around 12:30am Sunday morning at the Walgreens at 20th and Yale St., in Houston, according to a friend who spoke with KAGS but wishes to remain anonymous. She was wearing a Remington hat and camo, and driving a white Jeep Cherokee, according to friends.

Courtney texted her friend that a suspicious blue truck was following her after she left the Walgreens. Her friend told KAGS Courtney texted her that the truck followed her to her apartment, drove around the block, and then came back, parking directly behind her. Courtney then told friends she exited her car and the other driver was “scared off.” Afterwards, Courtney texted her friend that she wanted to meet up and hasn't been heard from since.

Courtney's friend told KAGS a missing person's report was filed with Houston Police at roughly 4pm on Sunday.

According to a Facebook post from Kathryn Chiles, claiming to be posting for the Roland family, Courtney was last seen in the Heights area of Houston. Chiles says Courtney sent her roommate a text that she was being followed by a suspicious man in a blue truck.

Courtney is a sports reporter on the A&M football beat, reporting for both AggieYell.com and Rivals.com. Anyone with information should call Houston Police's Missing Persons department at 832-394-1840.