BRYAN, Texas — When you think of Valentine's Day, most people think of romantic dinners and movies, but at Aggieland Safari people had date night with some animals. It was part of the zoo's first Will Zoo Be My Valentine?

"People love to come here on dates anyways, so why not come here on an evening and get a special treat in it?" said Dr. Lauren Brady, a veterinarian and director of Aggieland Safari.

The zoo had couples and families for Valentine's Day fun activities. Those activities included special zoo feedings, educational presentations and even a romantic set up, just to have a moment alone.

"Everyone does dinner and a movie, but this is fun," said Lauren Roese, the director of animal care. "You get to interact with animals, touch them and get cool pictures."

Some couples said their night hanging out with some furry and scaly friends was the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day