BRYAN, Texas -- Behind the doors of the American Legion Post 159, students are taking aim.

The Junior Shooting Sports Program is having practice. Teaching students discipline, through shooting.

Behind one of the rifles is 14-year-old Joseph Grief. He started shooting with the program a few months ago. He said he found inspiration through his grandfather, who served in WWII.

"I was six when he died, but nonetheless was an inspiration for me to join," Grief said.

But, shooting here isn't about just having fun. It comes with a bigger lesson.

"If I don't do this just right, if I don't pull my finger at the exact time, or my breathing isn't right, its not gonna be the result they want," sid coach Linda Libasci.

A lesson she says applies to life as well.

"You aim at what you intend to hit, set your goals and go for it," Libasci said.