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A&M's Chi Alpha streaming lights and serving others in Aggieland

The group spent roughly $1,500 on Christmas decorations for their home named “The Agape Force.”

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A Texas A&M ministry group decked out the exterior of their property in Christmas lights in hopes that those who drive by see the dedication of their staff and learn about the spirit of giving.

Eli Stewart, the Director of the Texas A&M Chapter of Chi Alpha, said that they spent roughly $1,500 on Christmas decorations for their home named “The Agape Force.” Agape is Greek and translates to “God’s love” in English. 

According to Stewart, the group first heard about the home several years ago after they traveled to the Northgate area and pray for Texas A&M students.

Stewart said that a Fraternity used to live there but later moved out after a student inside the home overdosed on drugs and other drugs were found inside. 

Stewart said that they purchased the property this past summer after having acquired roughly half a million dollars and have turned the meaning behind the home around.

“This very house that night six years ago, when we were praying, the Lord…we were able to completely turn around what it’s being used for,” said Stewart.

The Chi Alpha Director said that the home now houses 45 people, 30 of which are interns for the Christian organization consisting of Aggies. The group regularly travels to Texas A&M and has spoken with hundreds of students on campus, sharing their faith and the message behind their organization which is to live unselfishly and love your neighbors.

“In America, we have a pandemic of people that don’t like to work unselfishly anymore, and I believe we’re gonna push it back,” said Stewart.

Stewart said their workers worked hard on putting the Christmas decorations for the house and are happy to be celebrating the spirit of giving in Aggieland. Next Summer, Stewart said their group will be traveling to countries all over the world to serve those in areas including Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world.

“Most kids in our Sunday schools, in Texas, know more about The Bible than the entire country knows,” said Stewart.