BRYAN, Texas – Authorities in Bryan and College Station are looking into seven aggravated robberies that occurred this past weekend.

A majority of them happening to gas stations after the sun was down with officers at the Bryan Police Department believe some may be correlated based on the evidence found.


"We've always worked very closely with college Station PD because we know that crime does not have borders,” Officer Kelley McKethan said, “So typically with a crime, theft, burglaries, they're going to spill over from city to the other. We've always had a close working relationship with College Station to help combat crime across the two cities.”

Stats coming from both Bryan PD and College Station PD, show from this point in time last year are about the same from year before, despite this weekend's occurrences

However, locales in both cities are urged to stay vigilant and aware.

"We never can predict when a crime is about to happen,” Officer McKethan said. “We always do ask that community to stay on alert and be looking out for anything out of the ordinary or suspicious.”