Authorities ordered an evacuation Tuesday in Austin County following an explosion and a fire at the Western International Gas plant on Highway 159.

The evacuation for residents who live within a five-mile radius around the plant was completed earlier this afternoon. Authorities pushed back the evacuation zone from a 1-mile radius to a 5-mile radius around the plant due to the fear of another explosion.

Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes said the explosion at Western International Gas & Cylinders was reported around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Highway 159 is closed from Bellville to Hempstead, according to the Austin County Sherriff’s department.

The gas plant is located at 713 Hwy 159 E, Bellville, TX 77418.

The facility is located about 60 miles south of College Station.

Officials say it is unclear what caused the explosion and fires.

No injuries were reported.

*****ALERT*****There is an active fire at Western International on Hwy 159 East. No injuries reported at this time. ...

Posted by Bellville Police Department on Tuesday, July 17, 2018