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A 17-year-old self-published author is looking to change the stigma around mental health in Black communities

Trinity Davis is among 42 other business owners who will showcase their passions on Feb. 4 at the Culture Market Event at the McFerrin Center in College Station.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — As we hit day three of Black History Month, an author is kicking off the month by sharing knowledge from her first book.

Now, most 17 year old's spend their time maybe making TikToks and thinking of ways to stay close to their friends. However for Trinity Davis, she was hard at work getting her first book, Jona, published for the world to read.

Davis credits the pandemic as a major influencing factor for what her book focuses on: the mental journey of a slave. She did it as a tribute to the black community, hoping to change the conversation about how mental health affects African-Americans.

"Jona is about a slave in his journey to freedom and instead of focusing on physical freedom I focused on mental freedom," said Davis.

Credit: Trinity Davis

Despite enduring centuries of enslavement, injustice, torture, violence and more towards the community as a whole, she believes similar mindsets are still prevalent in the African-American community today.

"Really Jona's message and then my entire message as an author is getting people to that sense of freedom," said Davis. "Kind of having that time to take a  break, we really had to evaluate where are we mentally, like what headspace are we in."

She began writing the book in high school as a freshman, and later published her first book during her senior year--at just seventeen years old! Despite many believing the rehashing of slavery times is "trauma" porn, Davis believes the topic should be told in a different manner.

'It's just taking a topic that's kind of been redundant about history and it's just been angled one way and really how we can we shed light on this in a new way," said Davis.

Now, she will be the youngest business owner among 42 other black-owned businesses partaking in a launch event at the Culture Market on Feb. 4th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the McFerrin Center in College Station.

"Just getting to see everything all come together, and it's just so exciting for me and it's just a variety of people there," said Davis.

She looks to shed light on an important topic in a new way, all while she encourages African-Americans to take control of their own mental freedom.

If you're interested in reading or purchasing Davis's book, Jona, you can find it here on Amazon.

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