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Brazos County, Health Authority Dr. Seth Sullivan provides COVID-19 update

Dr. Sullivan said he thinks COVID-19 numbers are decreasing due to the potential end of the Delta variant surge.

BRYAN, Texas — As COVID-19 cases and hospitalization numbers decrease in Brazos County, Health Authority Dr. Seth Sullivan said he thinks it’s because the Delta variant is leaving the area.

Dr. Sullivan said he thinks COVID-19 numbers are decreasing here because it’s the end of the Delta variant surge.

“I think that we're a little slow to have our improvement here, then what we've seen in other parts of Texas, but ours is finally getting there,” Dr. Sullivan said.

Dr. Sullivan said part of the challenge in the fight against COVID is looking at other parts of the world and see how they’re dealing with the virus, like in India.

“We really just see it [the Delta variant] come in really hard and then we see it leave [in India],” Dr. Sullivan said, “and so we kind of have a similar pattern here, really.”

Dr. Sullivan said there’s still a lot of ongoing research around the COVID-19 virus and its transient dynamics with the ways it’s transmitted and the way variants of the virus can take hold.

“These are all still very interesting questions for scientists.” Dr. Sullivan said.

Across the world, members of the media have been sharing COVID-19 updates since the beginning of the pandemic and Dr. Sullivan said that education is hard to correlate with the number of cases declining.

“We saw the Delta surge, not only here locally and at the state level, but in the country,” Dr. Sullivan said, “[the surge] did motivate more folks to get vaccinated and as we see natural immunity, we can expect protective action moving forward.”

Dr. Sullivan said we control what we can control right now and right now, we have a very safe and available vaccine he said.

“We have some promising therapeutics, hopefully coming down the pipe,” Dr. Sullivan said, “and we continue to understand the way that this virus transmits and do what we need to do to protect ourselves and our families.”

Dr. Sullivan said we’re still living in a COVID-19 world.

“In this world and in this reality, every one of us needs to make appropriate decisions for ourselves and for our families,” Dr. Sullivan said.