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Brazos County Health District confirms COVID-19 Delta variant in the Brazos Valley

Most current COVID-19 cases are from unvaccinated persons

BRYAN, Texas — The Brazos County Health District announced Thursday the COVID-19 Delta variant is in the Brazos Valley and a confirmed total number of 413 COVID-19 cases. 

As of today, there are 31 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the Brazos Valley. At this time in January, the peak time of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were 71 patients.  

"There have been to date 16 Delta variants reported," Dr. Seth Sullivan, Brazos County Health Authority, said. "The vast majority of the cases that we're seeing today are no doubt Delta variant."

Sullivan added vaccinated folks may still get infected with the Delta variant in "breakthrough infections." 

"We need to be clear that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths nationwide and as we have seen here as well, do continue in the unvaccinated," Sullivan added.

Only three reported hospitalizations in the Brazos Valley are from vaccinated persons. Sullivan again stressed that the greater risk of getting COVID-19 is from unvaccinated folks. In July, 87% of cases of COVID-19 were from unvaccinated persons. 

As of today, 52% of eligible citizens who can get the COVID-19 vaccine, from ages 12 and up, have. 

Adhering to the Center for Disease Control recommendation of wearing a mask in high transmission counties, Brazos County does qualify as one of those areas. Though Gov. Greg Abbott banned mask mandates earlier this spring, masks are still being strongly encouraged to wear in the area and are endorsed by the Brazos County Health District as well. 

Dr.Sullivan also continued to promote their mobile vaccination clinic. The mobile clinic can be scheduled through their website and phone number at 979-361-5747.

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