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Brazos County law enforcement offices 'beard up' for a cure

Law enforcement officers will grow beards, goatees or even paint their nails with hopes to end childhood cancer

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — College Station and Bryan Police Department, Texas A&M University Police, Brazos County Sheriff's Office and The Cure Starts Now-Central Texas are teaming up with "Beard It Up and Color for the Cure Campaigns" to help fight childhood cancer.

Female officers will donate $30 to paint their nails any color that coincides with cancer, while male officers will donate $50 to grow a beard or $30 to grow a goatee. 

Most departmental policies prohibit male officers from growing a beard or goatee and prohibit female officers from wearing colored nail polish. However, starting Nov 1., the policies will be relaxed to raise awareness and help fund cancer research.   

They are all coming together to raise awareness for a specific type of cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

"After researching DIPG realized they have seen different strains of other cancers within DIPG, so they feel strongly about that if they find a cure for DIPG, they can find a whole lot of cures for most cancers," said Vicky Bridier from The Cure Starts Now. 

The campaign was created in memory of the daughter of Vicky and Troy Bridier, who passed away at the age of four from DIPG.  According to Vicky, within the last three years, three Texas law enforcement families have lost a child to this disease, all under 10.    

"Everyone got into law enforcement to help each other and help the community, and this is just one way to give back to the community and help fund cancer research, "said Bobby Richardson of the Texas A&M University Police Department Leuitenate

All first responders are challenged to donate – the public is also encouraged to join the fight by donating; the campaign runs through Jan 5.  

Together the law enforcement offices have raised nearly $11,000 since the campaign started; if you would like to donate, click here