The Sheriff’s Office received a report from a Brazos County resident in reference to a new phone scam.

The victim reported that he received a phone call form a person claiming to be a drug dealer.

During the course of the phone call, the suspect told the victim that he had the victim’s son and demanded that he pay $2,000.

The suspect told the victim that his son had interrupted a drug deal that cost the suspect $2,000, and that the victim needed to pay this amount before he killed his son.

The victim asked several times to speak to his son to verify the story, but the suspect refused and eventually hung up.

After the phone call, the victim contacted his son to check his welfare and confirmed that this was a scam.

The Sheriff's office says it is common for a con artist to use tactics to call and scam family members out of money by claiming their family member was arrested or kidnapped.

Please remember that these con artists can sound convincing. If you receive a phone call of this type the Sheriff's office asks that you contact your local law enforcement agency to report the incident.