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Brazos Valley Bites: Hey Sugar Candy Store

"Hey Sugar! Welcome in!"

There's nothing quite like a good ole candy selection to make any day a good day, but add in freshly made ice cream, vintage soda options and chocolate covered bacon, yes you read that right, and you got Hey Sugar!

My experience at Hey Sugar was great. I had some delicious candy from jelly beans to chocolate covered almonds.

One of the coolest things, to me anyway, about the store was the groovy music playing throughout. It created an amazing vibe and kind of took you back a few decades.

They also had a wide range of cotton candy flavors including BBQ and wedding cake. Though I didn't taste either they seemed to be very popular to those shopping.

Lastly, I was able to taste their homemade chocolate covered bacon and let me tell you it was amazing!

Hey Sugar all started in an airstream trailer seven years ago.

Kristin Brittan, Hey Sugar owner, setup the trailer so her son could sell candy when they traveled for horse shows.

She noticed that the small side job for her son was a hit.

"We now have four locations with our newest one in College Station," said Brittan. "We wanted to stick with a vintage theme so we just stuck and ran with this 50's theme."

"We offer an experience, and that's what separates us from other stores."

One of the many cool things about Hey Sugar were the timeless options they offered within.

"We have a lot of candies from over 100 years ago that your grandparents would've eaten," said Brittan. "It's cool to watch those grandparents come in here with their grandchildren and try these candies together."

So where did the name Hey Sugar come from?

"My grandmother is very southern and she used to call everyone sugar," said Brittan. "She'd always be like "sugar this sugar that" so it just stuck, we thought it was the perfect name for the candy store and to pay honor to her."

If you are looking for the perfect Valentines gift, Hey Sugar has gift packages and chocolate covered strawberries that you can go in and pre-order.