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Super Tuesday in the Brazos Valley: Fire alarms going off at A&M polling place

Super Tuesday is in full swing here in the Brazos Valley. Here's what we've seen so far!

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — This article will continue to be updated throughout the day.

Voting in the Brazos Valley is so hot, alarms are going off.

Well, sort of.

The line to vote at the MSC polling location at Texas A&M is wrapped around the halls. To make matters a little more stressful, the fire alarms are going off, according to our Digital A Team, Alyssa Flores and Adrienne DeMoss.

The two were at the polling location to talk to students on this Super Tuesday and the alarms started going off, prompting people to begin evacuating the building. It's unclear if there is a problem at this time. We're checking on it, but students are being told it's a fire alarm drill, something that happens on the first Tuesday of the month.

We'll update you as more information comes up.

What's it like where you are on this Super Tuesday? Voters in the Brazos Valley are packing their polling places to exercise their rights to vote in this primary election. Some polling places are reporting a large number of voters turning out.

The Wellborn Community Center polling location is reporting at least 500 voters have turned out before noon, and people continue to line up at the door. Many are coming on their lunch break from work to different polling locations across the Brazos Valley, hoping to cast their ballot and get back to work. Many polling locations have their entrances littered with candidates' signs, hoping for one last plug before voters make their decision.

One polling location, located at Beacon Baptist, closed about two hours after opening, but they have since reopened. Click below to read more on that story.

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Are you still not sure which way you're going to vote? Maybe you don't know where you're supposed to go or what you're supposed to bring. We've got you covered! Just click the link below and check out our election guide! It's got everything you need to know, including profile pieces we've done with candidates.

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On March 2, we caught up with a few candidates and asked them to tell us One Last Thing they want voters to know before going to the polls. Click below for that information!

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We want to hear from you this Super Tuesday!

Show us your voter sticker. Show us your polling location. Tell us about your voting experience! Are you planning on going to any election parties with the candidates? Tell us about it! Just text us your videos and pics and make sure to give us your name (unless you want to remain anonymous!) and we'll share your experience!

Do you have something to talk about? Tell us about it! Share your videos and your pictures!

Share with us your best election selfie!

Election Results

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Check back here often. We'll update you on Super Tuesday throughout the day!


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