COLLEGE STATION, Texas—Water conservation is a hot topic in Texas.

Many people are wondering how to save water for future generations, while some just want to save money.

One College Station homeowner is doing both, thanks to a group called Brazos Valley WaterSmart.

“We wanted to have a green lawn, and we wanted to make sure we were doing it in the most responsible way,” said Robin Button.

Button learned about Brazos Valley WaterSmart from social media and requested an irrigation check-up.

Jennifer Nations is the Water Resource Coordinator for the program, and said many people don’t realize they’re wasting so much water when running their sprinklers.

“A lot of people don’t understand that every time their irrigation system comes on, that’s 5,000 gallons,” said Nations.

Brazos Valley WaterSmart is a partnership with the City of College Station and Texas A&M University.

A water resource coordinator visits with homeowners and helps them understand how much water they’re using, and how to better conserve the precious resource.

“Some people, I’ll save them like 4,000 gallons a week,” said Nations.

Nations also said that most people run their systems too long and use too much water.

Button also attended an irrigation class and learned how to set her controls to water her lawn fewer days a week and how long to water different parts of her yard based on the kind of sprinklers installed.

“Last summer we watered probably twice as much, and we had brown spots in the yard,” said Button.

“This year, we have no brown spots and our grass is green, and we’ve used less water,” she added.

Texas A&M professor Ronald Kaiser developed the program and has extensive experience in water research.

“The water we save today is the water your children will have, and perhaps the water your grandchildren will have. If we waste it today, we’re taking away water they might have in the future,” said Kaiser.

In the last five years, Kaiser said that homeowners in College Station have saved over 330 million gallons of water—that’s enough water for 1,000 families of four, for an entire year.

“Knowledge is power. You’re going to have so much more control over your budget and help the city do its job better of providing adequate water resources to everyone,” said Nations.

The results are definitely paying-off for the Button family.

“I feel like my lawn is greener, and my neighbors pay about $100 a month to keep their lawn green with chemicals. I think with our decreased use of water, we’re probably saving at least $10 a month and we’re not keeping it green with chemicals,” said Button.

“And, I think it’s teaching my daughters to use the water that we have in a very efficient and responsible way,” she added.

Brazos Valley WaterSmart will also send you emails every week with watering recommendations based on rainfall totals.

To learn more, you can visit the website by clicking here.