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"After Breast Cancer Diagnosis" pairs mentors with patients

Stephanie Gutierrez, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, said the program has helped her immensely

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Stephanie Gutierrez was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago at the age of 38, today she said her positive mindset and talking with family and friends helped her get through the diagnosis.

“I was very fortunate when I was diagnosed,” Gutierrez said, “I called an old friend who I remember had breast cancer and she talked to me, supported me and told me about her journey.”

Gutierrez said talking about breast cancer helped her because she knew a lot about cancer, but said it was different talking to someone who had been on her journey and made it to the other side.

“They [her friends] already went through the surgery I was about to go through it so that was huge,” Gutierrez said, “so I'm always there to talk to people, friends, friends of friends, anybody that needs that support.”

This year Gutierrez said she started mentoring with a group called After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD).

“They pair mentors with patients that are currently going through breast cancer treatment and they do it in such a unique way they pair you with someone of a similar age and going through the same treatment,” Gutierrez said, “so they really have been going through exactly what you're going through.”

Gutierrez said you won’t be paired with someone who is older or who had a different diagnosis than you and that’s what’s helpful.

“They don't have a group here [in Bryan/College Station] but you do it through [1-800-977-4121]phone, and through zoom so, and you can talk one time, or you can talk every week if that's what you need,” Gutierrez said.