BRENHAM, TEXAS - In a town that is known as the "Baseball Capital of Texas," one former player is telling their story.  

Jon Peters, former Brenham High School baseball player, was well-known in the small town. From setting a national record, to having his own cover of Sports Illustrated, to being on a team that the community loved, people knew Peters.

"I always had to make sure I had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and the whole set up when the boys were coming over," said Mary Ann Schulte, a family friend of Peters. 

But now, Peters is telling a side of him that many didn't know. 

After suffering from an injury and losing the ability to play professional baseball, Peters found himself on a dark path. A path he said brings up painful memories. 

"I would be sitting there, writing and crying," Peters said. 

Growing up under the eye of the Brenham baseball fan base, Peters said he felt as if he had to be "perfect." 

"It was a solid expectation that we were going to win," he said. 

While he trusted his ability to perform on the diamond, he said it was when he stepped off the field that the pressure hit. 

"When I was away (off the mound), I was like 'I'm going to have to fake who I am," he said. "Because I was dying inside."

Peters carried that weight with him, not telling anyone. 

Not until 2010. 

"In 2010, at my lowest point, when I wanted to die, I heard a voice that said "Jon, it's okay to tell somebody,' and when I reached out for help, people were right there," he said. 

The community that he once felt the need to be "perfect" in front of, was right there by his side - supporting him. 

"I never imagined all this interest I had so far," Peters said. 

By sharing his story, Peters said he hopes that others will realize that it is "Okay to not be okay." 

"I hope the book glorifies God and can help somebody," he said. 

You can order Peters book, When Life Grabs You By The Baseballs, on his website or on Amazon.