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Bryan Animal Center faces full capacity in the new year

Animal control services have experienced an increase in finding animals in the area

BRYAN, Texas — The Bryan Animal Center said they reached full capacity after the new year when some celebrated with fireworks.

Dyan Cisneros, the Programs Coordinator, said that they currently have roughly 70 animals in their facility including dogs and cats. Cisneros said that while some animals arrived only a short time ago, others have been there for months.

Maggie, a pitbull-mix, has been at the facility since September after suffering a gunshot wound. Maggie has since recovered and has been looking for her forever home since her arrival.

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However, New Year celebrations can sometimes leave pets frightened at the sound of fireworks. As a result, some animals will often get loose and flee and families are later out searching for their furry friends. Cisneros said that when this happens, there are several steps people can take.

“If you’re missing an animal, please stop by if you’re animal is here. Please call and leave a lost report,” said Cisneros.

If you are even considering adopting a pet to invite into your home, Cisneros said that they welcome people to stop by their facility and take a look at the possible pets to choose from.