BRYAN, Texas —

A Bryan ‘Bruja’, also known as a witch or sorceress, offered to ‘cleanse’ her client’s cash. She claimed the cleanse would bring her clients good luck and had the potential to double their money. Then, both the Bruja and more than $116,000 disappeared, according to Bryan Police.

Several victims met with the Bruja in the 2100 block of E. William J. Bryan. These visits to the witch began with tarot card readings and other ranging from $25 to $250. After several visits, the Bruja offered to ‘cleanse’ her client’s money. Victims in six cases left the Bruja with more than $116,000. When the victims returned on June 3rd and June 4th of 2019 to pick up their money, the Bruja was gone, according to Bryan Police.

The Bryan Police Department asks that anyone with information to contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 979-209-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 979-775-TIPS (8477).