BRYAN, Texas - Just weeks ago many homes in the Castle Heights neighborhood were surrounded by tons of water after the devastation of Tropical Storm Harvey.

Jim Foley has lived in Castle Heights for decades and says this has been the worst flooding he has seen since he moved in.

“I had a pair of rubber boots on and it was over them. I had to wade all the way up to my belt the water was that high,” said Foley.

Though this recent storm was the worst, flooding has been an issue in the Castle Heights neighborhood for quite some time.

"The flooding has caused a lot of difficulties to us and at the end of Clark Street where I live, there is extensive flooding because there has been some things done to that creek,” said Castle Heights resident George Lewis.

For the past four years, residents and members of the Castle Heights Neighborhood Association have gone to Bryan City Council with concerns of their flooding issues.

Now after three years the council is moving forward to address the concerns of these residents.

Rafael Peña is a former council member and now serves as the president for the Castle Heights Neighborhood Association.

“We only won the battle we haven’t won the war yet. The council still actually has to do something, they just took the first steps in having staff bring back options,” said Peña

And Peña says despite the fact he no longer serves on the council he still wants to push to fix issues he started when he was member.

“I didn't finish the job when I was up there, and I didn’t want people to think I was just up there to be up there. I want to show them that I am here with you working side by side to get things done,” said Peña,