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Bryan couple starts business to help third world countries

A Bryan couple is taking something that many of us throw away and is using it to create a business.

BRYAN, Texas -- One couple is in the process of creating a business that will help bring clean water to third world countries.

Bob and Allison Rich are are taking bottle caps and turning them into pendants.

The pendants are sold for three dollars and half of the proceeds go to charity - helping those in third world countries have access to clean water.

"People are getting sick and dying from drinking the water," Bob Rich said.

Realizing that he and his family could take something as simple as bottle caps and sell them to raise money, became a new plan of business.

Once Bob started to crunch the numbers, he realized just how inexpensive it was to help.

"The current price of a water well is a donation of $52 dollars," he said.

That breaks down to just over thirty bottle caps to help an entire community.

"It's not just about the water, but what the water can do," Rich said.

To learn more about the business, or to help the Rich's get their business started, visit their website.