BRYAN, TEXAS -- High school can be a trying time for many students. Especially for those who find themselves at the end of their peer's jokes.

But, one Bryan High School student stood up to bullies and helped a kid when he was in need.

Keylen Mathis is a junior and heard that other students were picking on one student because of his shoes.

"I don't think he had enough money to buy school shoes," Mathis said. "He had them last year too."

Mathis said the student's shoes were torn and held together by duct tape.

"I just don't like seeing people get bullied because of their shoes and stuff," Mathis said.

So, he decided to do something.

Mathis said he and his friend planned to surprise the student with a pair of shoes.

"I think he was crying because his face was all red," he said.

Principal Lane Buban said the district is teaching the "Essential Eight."

"They are character traits that we implement and want to show our kids," he said.

And Buban said Mathis showed a real life example of these traits.

"It makes me feel ecstatic," Buban said. "It is probably one of the best feeling as an educator."

And Mathis said it makes him feel like he is doing the right thing.

"Made me feel like I accomplished something," he said.