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Bryan ISD receives CPR kits provided by St. Joseph Health and the American Heart Association

The kits are designed to help students learn CPR, which is a requirement

BRYAN, Texas — On Tuesday, Bryan ISD received two CPR kits from St Joseph Health and the American Heart Association. Both kits were delivered to Bryan High School to help educate hundreds of students on the importance of the life-saving procedure.

St. Joseph Health representatives said students across the State of Texas are required to take a CPR class before they graduate. They went on to add that there are several misconceptions regarding CPR which leaves some students hesitant when performing the procedure.

 “I think people, young people and older, hesitate because they’re scared of messing up, they’re scared of doing more harm than good and action is always better than inaction," Fawn Preuss, the Healthy Communities Coordinator for St Joseph Health said.

The equipment includes instructional videos and various other tools which will provide students with a hands-on training experience. Representatives hope the experience will make students more confident in their ability to perform the procedure in real life. 

A representative with Bryan ISD says that they hope more students begin to realize the urgency when understanding this skill.

“I hope that more and more students gain experience, that they practice those skills and realize that it’s not difficult to perform hands-only CPR, to push on the chest hard and fast, and save a life,” says Josh Woodall, the Assistant Director of Athletics and Physical Education for Bryan ISD.