BRYAN, Texas -- Bryan ISD released a statement today in connection to the mayhem that was reported with Bryan ISD's transportation services on Monday after school.

On Monday, Todd Duke dropped his 10-year-old son off at Bryan High, where his son will get on a bus that will eventually take him to Jane Long Middle School.

That bus arrived 40 minutes late, at 8 am instead of the scheduled 7:20 am, leaving students wondering when their bus would arrive. Today, there hasn't been much of a difference versus Monday.

"I appreciate that they're trying to help and that they are doing things as far as the afternoon," Duke said. "... my main concern is the mornings. It doesn't seem like the mornings haven't been touched at all. It's the same thing, all three days. "

Many parents were upset with Bryan ISD's transportation issues on Monday and took to Facebook to voice their concerns with the delayed arrival times.

Bryan ISD Superintendent Christie Whitbeck issued a statement today responding to the issues:

While I am deeply appreciative of the patience our families have shown and the professionalism of our staff, I am greatly disappointed in the back-to-school transportation issues our students and families have faced. I apologize for the frustration and delays our families and kids have experienced. Though still somewhat new to Bryan ISD, it is my responsibility to ensure we are fully prepared to address change as it approaches. It is also my responsibility to immediately deploy resources to solve problems.

Therefore, some of the solutions we quickly placed in effect led to a quicker, smoother operation this morning for our two transportation hubs. While we have not resolved all of the problems we are facing, we have several solutions already underway, including bringing in an outside expert to assist with routing issues. We are also partnering with Bryan Police to place additional traffic officers on the scene at various campuses to help improve traffic flow. We have deployed extra staff to our Transportation call center and are working to answer phones, return calls and respond to messages as quickly as possible.

Our students and families have faced delays and confusion in the past two days. Additionally, we experienced high call volumes that left family members on hold for long periods of time without having their concerns addressed. Many of these issues were avoidable, and I regret the human error involved. I want to assure our community that we will address all necessary training and staff issues to prevent a recurrence.

In short, despite an otherwise smooth start to school, we were not as prepared as we should have been with respect to transportation. We are devoting extraordinary effort to fix those problems immediately. The safety of your children is foremost on our minds and I am personally overseeing the effort to ensure these mistakes do not occur again.

I thank our families for supporting Bryan ISD as we work to improve, and I appreciate our staff for their patience and solution-oriented attitudes.

Despite Superintendent Christie Whitbeck's statement to increase staff to receive calls, Duke has not heard back from his multiple calls and emails to BISD.

"I've placed multiple calls and the calls have gotten worse," he said. "As far as emails, I haven't heard anything. On their website, they said that they'll get back to you within one day and nothing"

It's a father simply wanting answers.