BRYAN, Texas -- A Brazos County man was arrested for sending hundreds of explicit images and videos to the county’s 911 line.

Roderick Walton was arrested Thursday, December 13th for sending iPhone screenshots and text messages containing pornographic images to Brazos County 911's non-emergency line.

At roughly 7:30am the text messages began, sent from a phone number associated with Walton in police records, according to a probable cause statement. Nine minutes later, dispatchers asked Walton to stop, causing him to send more lewd texts at a more frequent pace.

The text were received by multiple dispatchers in a tight time frame and tied up resources in the call center, according to a probable cause statement.

Bryan Police arrested Walton at his home roughly an hour later at 8:46am. When confronted about sending the texts, Walton allegedly told police “they wanted it,” according to arrest records.

Walton was charged with Harassment and taken to the Brazos County Jail. He was given a $2,000 bond and bonded out later that day.