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Bryan Midtown Park construction continues to progress

Construction crews are working on several projects around the park.
Credit: KAGS

BRYAN, Texas — Crews working at the Travis Bryan Midtown Park continue to make progress on several of the sites construction projects. 

A substantial part of Midtown Park Blvd. off of Villa Maria Rd. has been completed. Crews are finalizing the last few items to get the traffic signal up and running. City of Bryan engineer Paul Kaspar said the traffic signal will start to go into a flashing test mode in the next two or three weeks, but the public should not see any traffic delays anytime soon.

"We really don't need the traffic signal fully activated right now because there is not a destination and we're not bringing folks into the park because it's still under construction," Kaspar said.

A lot of work at the park is being put into lake rehabilitation. Contractors are excavating the lake and that work is expected to continue into 2021. 

In the first three days, more than 125 loads of material have been transported to the Twin Oaks Landfill from the lake. 

"[Crews are] excavating the lake down to a six foot minimum depth and that is going to require removing a lot of sediment that has been built up over the years," Kaspar said. "As well as deepening the lake probably more than it was originally."

Construction crews have separated the lake into around 90 cells and have sampled the dirt in each. This allows crews to know the arsenic contamination levels which in turn will help them determine which cells of dirt need to go to the landfill or can be land applied.

There is a chemical hazard safety plan, which designates contaminated and decontaminated work zones. Each truck leaving the site passes through a car wash system to remove any soil left on it, and trucks transporting material are covered to prevent loss of material due to wind.

The Midtown Park project also includes the renovation of the Travis Fields off of Bomber Dr. The detention pond is almost complete and the contractor is currently installing a new storm sewer along the street.

The project is in phase 1C.

While it may be difficult to see from the road, construction is quickly progressing at Travis Bryan Midtown Park. The park is undergoing major reconstruction to transform it from a municipal golf course to a regional destination park that caters to all types of recreational users.