BRYAN, Texas -- Bryan Police found remains that are similar in size to a young child during their investigation into the disappearance of Rayven Shields.

In a press conference on Saturday, Bryan Police said they are working to positively identify the remains.

Police say they believe the body may have been there for a while. The remains will be sent to Travis County.

The police are working with the district attorney’s office now that this case has turned into a murder investigation.

No suspects are being named.

Police say there is no indication of danger for the community.

Rayven Shields, 3, had been missing since late July.

BPD executed a search warrant, late Friday night, on the home Rayven and her mother Virginia Adams used to live in, according to a news release. The search was an attempt to “exhaust all possibilities,” according to the same release.

Adams was taken into custody, Tuesday, after refusing to turn Rayven over to child protective services, who had obtained legal custody of the child.

At that time, police believed Adams was hiding Rayven to prevent her from being given to CPS.