BRYAN, Texas — Cars from across the City of Bryan come to the drive-in recycling center on Briarcrest. Over 170 cars a day, a count of over sixty-thousand cars a year.

But, that area is transforming. And due to redevelopment, the center is having to close its doors.

Eric Zaragoza, Environmental Services Director for the City of Bryan, said they are looking into different avenues so those who want to recycle still have the option. 

"We are trying to find an outlet so those who want to recycle, can continue," he said. 

Adding that in a workshop with City Council, he presented different options for how the city can move forward once the center closes. 

These options not just included possible relocation areas, but a way for residents to opt into a recycling program. 

"If we were to do anything other than a drive-in center, this is the perfect time to look at those options," Zaragoza said. 

For example, Zaragoza pitched the idea that the city could find a third-party recycling company. Residents would pay for the recycling service, then the city would cover up to five-dollars of the bill. A "recycling credit," could be added to their utility bill.

"That way they could subsidize the cost between what they are paying to the vendor and where the city would fill that gap," he said. 

The city said they are unsure when they will be asked to leave. Zaragoza said the last timeline he was aware of has a potential date during the holiday season. But, added that in the time being, they are working to be as proactive as they can. 

"We are hopeful that we can start narrowing down a program they want us to see, to have in the City of Bryan. Then we will move as quickly as we can to bring a program to the citizens."

Zaragoza has another meeting with City Council in April to discuss more ideas.