BRYAN, Texas -- When it comes to power outages multiple factors including severe weather can lead to large scale outages, but Bryan Texas Utilities says the most common cause they see is due to animals.

"Animal contact throughout the utility industry is really our number one problem. Between that and weather they are pretty neck and neck as far as the number of outages cause and the amount of damage they cause,” said Randy Trimble, BTU Executive Director of Energy Delivery.

When the power goes out line crews are dispatched immediately, but it’s not just crews working the grounds, BTU also has a team of certified system operators who can help identify the source of these outages.

“Our outage management system will take every meter that reports off and will take us back to the one device that they all have in common which in this case is a transformer,” said Brad Wright, BTU
System Operator.

BTU says when a power outage happens, they are immediately notified through their outage management system and can detect the source line of the outage within minutes.

“That has a positive impact on the system operators because they know where to dispatch crews to and more times than not we know before you do that you have a power outage,” said Trimble.