COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Bullying is something some or most kids may have to deal with in school and knowing the importance of it at any early age is key.

" We start in Kindergarten," Chrissy Hester with CSISD said.

Every year at CSISD, students are informed about the horrible topic through a presentation which is now standard protocol.

"We also train cafeteria workers and bus drivers or anyone who is dealing with students in a large area because that can occur there as well," Hester said.

At Bryan ISD, they have a whole month dedicated to bullying awareness.

"In October we will do bully awareness month and we will send out information and advisory classes and will visit with the students about bullying," Sondra Junek, a counselor at Bryan ISD said.

If you would like to report bullying either at Bryan ISD or College Stantion, click here for Bryan and here for College Station.