COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- The Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation is partnering with an Atlanta-based consulting firm to help focus its regional development efforts.

BVEDC announced its partnership with Market Street Services during the 2018 Brazos Valley Business Forum held Thursday at the newly opened Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center.

BVEDC unveiled a roughly eight month plan to create an economic development strategy.

The plan, which began in August, is split into five phases:

  1. Community and Stakeholder Input (August) - the consulting firm will analyze survey responses submitted by over 1,500 community members and leaders in the Brazos Valley along with input from focus groups and BVEDC members.

  2. Regional Assessment and Competitive Scorecards (October) - Using quantitative research, Market Street will compare the Brazos Valley with similar communities.

    Target Sector Analysis (November) - an in-depth examination of specific target business sectors.

    Economic Development Strategy (November - February) - Market Street will spend several months drafting an economic strategy based on the information gathered during the first three phases.

    Implementation Plan (February - March) - Market Street will unveil a plan listing measurable goals and tactics.

Market Street Services, an Atlanta-based firm, works with cities to develop strategic plans for economic growth. Arlington, Austin, San Marcos and Waco are among the firm’s Texas clientele.

William Cole companies founder Spencer Clements led the presentation on the Brazos Valley economic development strategy Thursday. Clements said the plan will ensure the region doesn’t fall victim to “the dangers of unplanned and uncoordinated growth.”

“There’s common interest across the public and private sectors to not just leave this growth to chance,” Clements said. “But to work together to better understand our region's strengths and to leverage those strengths to create the best, most sustainable community possible.”

Clements said the consulting firm will offer a valuable, unbiased analysis of the region.

“Look at Market Street as a high school guidance counselor who looks at your interests and abilities and then points you in the right direction,” Clements said. “We may not like what we hear but it’s going to be an unbiased look at our reality.”