CALVERT, Texas -- Calvert Police have created a makeshift memorial for a fallen officer, along Highway 6 in the town's center.

Over the weekend, Officer James Arrick Jr's patrol car was placed over-looking the Family Dollar off of Calvert's main road. Since then, the members of the tight-knit Calvert community have laid remembrances on the car, honoring the fallen officer.

Officer Arrick was killed early Wednesday morning, in a car crash, while off-duty. A memorial procession was held, Friday, from a mortuary in Temple to a Georgetown funeral home. Funeral services were held Monday.

Since Officer Arrick's death, the car has become a gathering police for calvert residents and those passing through on the town's main highway, to remember the fallen officer.

"It doesn't hurt me to stop for two minutes to look at his memorial," said Tyler Jordan, a College Station resident who was studying nearby.

"I just want his family to know that we're thinking of them," added John Bennett, another College Station resident who passes through Calvert multiple times a month.

The living memorial almost fully covers the squad car, covering pictures of Officer Arrick first placed there when the it was new.

But, residents told us, it's also become a frequently gathering place for passersby to come and honor the fallen officer, while reflecting on public service.