Day 2 of the capital murder trial of William Mitchell Hudson ended Thursday afternoon. Prosecutors focused on expert testimony, talking to law enforcement and forensic experts about the evidence they gathered from the crime scene.

Hudson could face the death penalty for allegedly murdering 6 members of the Johnson family, including a 6 year old boy, at a campsite in Tennessee Colony, TX in 2015.

Yesterday, prosecutors told jurors he resented the Johnson family after they bought his family’s land. He gave them alcohol and planned the killings in advance, according to prosecutors.

Hudson was in the courtroom both yesterday and today. During proceedings, he sits, facing forwards, eyes fixed on the witness stand. He rarely if ever glances at the family of the victims, sitting behind him, nor does he glance at the jury box.

His defense team asked limited questions Wednesday and Thursday. Most notably, in the testimony of Texas Ranger Michael Adock about evidence gathered at the scene, the defense didn’t cross examine him.

Thursday was an emotional day for members of the Johnson family. Prosecutors showed pictures of the blood stained RV trailer, where some members of the family had been killed. Family members held one another as those pictures flashed across a screen in the courtroom.

The trial was moved from Anderson County to Brazos County to have an unbiased jury pool. The jury consists of Brazos County residents.