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Bryan Breakfast Lions Club and the Catalena Cowgirls saddle up for their final rodeo

This weekend isn’t just about entertainment, it’s about saying goodbye.

BRYAN, Texas — The Bryan Breakfast Lions Club PRCA Rodeo is bucking its way into the Brazos County Expo Center.

This weekend isn’t just about entertainment, it’s about saying goodbye.

A rodeo is a place for all ages, a place for family.

Sisters Layna Navarre, age 11, and Shyla Navarre, age 15 trust each other more than most siblings would.

This weekend, Shyla will whip a rose right out of her sister’s hands.

The two will also be performing gymnastics on top of horses.

“You’re not going to see that at home, so you need to come out here and watch it because it’s entertaining,” Shyla said.

While Shyla and Layna’s rodeo journey is just beginning, others are preparing to say goodbye.

With the passing of Sammy and Pete Catalena, the world-famous Catalena Cowgirls are hanging up their saddles.

“It’s been a wonderful ride that we’ve gotten to include in our family,” Carolyn Catalena, wife of Sammy said.

“We always hoped it would go on forever so that other girls could continue what we’ve had the pleasure and enjoyment of doing,” former Catalena Cowgirl Jennifer Welch said.

As they prepare for their last ride, they keep in mind, they will always be a family.

“This pageantry, this show will go away, but we’re still here,” current Catalena Cowgirl Kati Mushinski said.

Doors open Friday night at 7 -10 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

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