COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- A dip in the pavement on a main College Station road has caused safety concerns and a stall in many driver's commute.

At the intersection of Holleman Drive and Wellborn Road, the pavement dips down, causing drivers to slow down so they don't bottom out.

The City of College Station voted Thursday to approve a plan that will level the pavement on Holleman.

The pavement will be lifted around 36 inches to provide a smoother drive.

The city is working with TxDot and will also add more lanes of traffic, to help ease long buildups. A right turn lane, a thru lane and a left turn lane will all be added. That is to ensure drivers won't have to wait in a long line to go straight, even if they are turning.

One more thing the city is working on - they are working with Union Pacific to get the area classified as a "quiet zone." Meaning that when a train travels through, the horn doesn't need to be blown.

In order for that to happen, safety measures have to be put in place; College Station is working to ensure all requirements are met.

The city hopes to start this construction in 2021.