COLLEGE STATION, Texas - For Jason Elliot, beauty is more than skin deep.

From an early age, the Florida born ink master knew he was destined to become an artist.

"We were pretty poor as a kid so I used to take my clothes and draw on them, and my parents hated that because I would take them and cut them apart and make my own clothes," said Elliott. It's a passion he would later transform into a profession by turning his love for drawing into wearable art.

He began his career as a tattoo artist in 2011 but 2 years later realized that he lost his passion for creating body art.

"I took time off and aimed more for being an actual artist, you know painting stuff like that. I did some traveling in Europe and South America and just absorbed everything I could," said Elliott.

With rekindled love for art coupled with advice from his grandma to keep pursuing his dreams Jason decided to return to tattooing and open his own shop in College Station. "Her words really resonated with me and I just kept focusing on where I wanted to be in the future and so I started figuring out a way to take what I did on paper and put it on skin," said Elliott.

His unique style coined as geo trash inspired by his travels and love for portrait work has helped shape the artist he is today.

"To be able to come out with something you don't see every day is something that every artist strives for," said Elliott.

His unique style is now taking his art to a national level making his mark on the tenth season of the reality show Ink Master, a show he says has helped shape the way many tattoo artists are viewed today.

"Ink Master show has definitely helped people see that the stereotype isn't right. For me tattooing is no different than going to an art exhibit and buying a piece of art that you like. you get the opportunity to buy something and then wear it forever," said Elliott.