COLLEGE STATION, Texas—Twin fires are raging across the Mendocino area of California.

Officials saying it’s the worst wildfire in the state’s history, burning more than 280,000 acres.

On Wednesday, three College Station Firefighters will be leaving to help fight the massive blaze.

They’re joining almost 100 local heroes from across the state of Texas who are being deployed to help fight the California wildfires.

The firefighters are part of the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System, a response team established by the Texas Legislature that provides all-hazard response.

Twenty-five fire engines are also being sent including one from the College Station Fire Department which was shipped on Tuesday.

And local firefighters said they’ve been through rigorous training to fight fires, but they’ve never been deployed to something this massive.

“It's hard to prepare because we don't really know what we're going to see when we get there,” said Deborah Hamff, the driver of the engine, and also acts as a paramedic and engineer with the department.

“Just knowing that you have co-workers with you, people that are trained on the same level you are also helps,” she added. “Trust your team.”

The three firefighters will be deployed for at least 14 days, but officials said the deployment could be longer depending on fire conditions.