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College Station florist faces rising costs ahead of Mother's Day

University Flowers said its supply costs have risen by at least 50 percent, but they are working to keep customers and moms happy this upcoming weekend.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — With Mother’s Day on Sunday, florists across Bryan and College Station are on crunch time to make magnificent flower arrangements for their customers.

Tammy Kaus, the owner of University Flowers in College Station,  has made years of memories in College Station, she said it’s where her passion began to bloom.

“I think every florist starts out being a part-time florist doing things like silk arrangements," said Kaus. 

Kaus has been making arrangements for people for decades. So when Mother’s Day rolls around she knows that the number of orders will begin to grow.

“We do ramp up for mother’s day because it’s a lot more than normal delivery days," said Kaus.

More recently though, she along with several florists, have experienced issues with supply. Something that has led to her having to hike up prices in some areas. Kaus said the cost of flowers, baskets, and other items she regularly receives has risen by at least 50 percent.

It all starts when she needs to find out what’s available from the suppliers.

“We would call a supplier and go ‘hey I need this flower. Hey I need that flower.’ they’re not always available like they used to be," said Kaus.

According to Kaus, they hire delivery drivers to travel around the area just for the holiday, making sure they get to where they need to go.

“One of them is very good at knowing the area so he puts all of our routes together. He’s an invaluable resource," said Kaus.

Kaus says they’ll be open until 2:00p.m. on Saturday for those still looking for a present for mom.

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