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College Station ISD hosts job fair

The school district is looking to hire in an evolving economy

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Cathy Freeman has been on the hunt for a job for a couple of months now after her previous employer started cutting back hours due to the pandemic.

"Just keep hanging in there, there are jobs out there," Freeman said. "You just have to keep looking and sometimes you have to get back with them because they get so tied up with other applications."

Today College Station ISD hosted a job fair. It is currently offering custodial staff, child nutrition services, and even transportation positions.

Director of talent management at C.S.I.S.D, Stormy Hickman says she can't express the importance of these positions.

"It is so incredibly important that we have these departments staffed," Hickman said. "Without them, our schools cannot function. Just like they can't function without a teacher in the classroom, we can't function unless our campus is clean and safe, and our students are able to be fed during the school day. So, they are such an integral part of everything that we do."

C.S.I.S.D had a lot of success with the job fair they hosted last year. They ended up filling 20 new positions.

Today there was a hand full of walk-ins, while many others applied online. Freeman says the process was easy. She says she likes her chances of landing a position.

"They were warm and welcome, and I felt like they were assisting me and to find what I was looking for in a job," Freeman said. "They had a lot to choose from, so I picked one and I applied. It was pretty easy.

Freeman applied and interviewed today for a position in child nutrition services since she has some previous experience in the food industry.

We are happy to announce that Freeman was tired today and will soon be the latest member of College Station ISD. 

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