College Station Independent School District is just one of the multiple school districts in Brazos Valley who have heard or received threats to the schools.

College Station ISD has received multiple reports of threats to a school since the school shooting in Parkland, FL last week.

Two students, both CSISD students, have been arrested. At least one student goes to A&M Consolidated.

The threats were brought to the school's attention by other students, wrote College Station Superintendent Clark Ealy in an email sent out to parents on Wednesday.

Ealy wrote that in the times following a tragedy, like the one in Parkland, schools can see an increase in threats. But, he wanted to be clear about one thing - any type of threat, joking or not, will be dealt with with a full investigation.

Once a school receives a threat, it goes directly to law enforcement. Law enforcement then investigates if the threat is credible, and if the student has the means to carry out the threat.

Once law enforcement determines those factors, the disciplinary action for the student is handled on a case by case basis, Chuck Glenewinkel of College Station ISD said.

Ealy also wrote that if that threat that rules credible, it can result in a felony conviction and removal from the school.

CSISD has both district and campus safety teams in place to discuss security measures and emergency response plans if there was a crisis at school. Ealy wrote that CSISD schools are safe and the district works hard to keep them that way.

CSISD wants to remind students if they hear of anything to report it to a staff member or they can post it online on any of the CSISD campus homepages.