COLLEGE STATION, Texas – College Station Police say they’ve arrested a suspect connected to a number of burglaries where residents found a man standing over them in bed.

Christopher Williams was arrested Saturday and charged with four burglaries; one from 2015 and three from 2018, according to jail records. College Station Police say they’re looking into whether or not Williams is connected to the dozens of other similar burglaries reported in the Holleman Drive area.

Numerous residents had reported a man breaking into their apartments and touching himself while standing over them.

"In some cases the male touched them in some manner, and in some cases, the male was seen masturbating," said College Station Police Chief Scott McCollum.

In a press conference Tuesday, McCollum said they identified Williams using DNA analysis from semen left at one of the crime scenes.

McCollum added that CSPD worked with Parabon NanoLabs in Virgina.

"During that course of that submission to Parabon, we received another offense that we were able to gather more leads and we were able to converge and get the individual identified," McCollum said.

Williams was identified and charged with four counts of burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit assault. But, College Station Police believe more charges could be added.

"We don't know how far reaching it could be," McCollum said. "This is an ongoing investigation. We suspect additional charges to be filed."

Williams was released from the Brazos County Jail, Saturday, on $160,000 dollars bond. Each burglary count (4) was given a bond of $40,000 dollars.