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UPDATE: CSPD releases surveillance footage of alleged crime that ended in physical arrest

The video shows an officer punching a man and using pepper spray while trying to arrest him. Officers said the man was resisting arrest.
Credit: KAGS News
The arrest of a man by College Station police officers was caught on camera and posted to Twitter Saturday morning. CSPD wants people to know the "full story."

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — UPDATE: November 2, 2020

The College Station Police Department has released new video they said shows what led up to a officer seen on video punching the suspect during an arrest.

The video has been circulating on Twitter and it was brought to the attention of KAGS News. A probable cause report detailed the arrest of 28-year-old Charles Bonfert early Saturday morning near the Northgate Entertainment District. About 20 seconds of Bonfert's arrest was caught on video by a bystander and many people have been sharing it.

CSPD responded to the criticism, saying Bonfert was resisting arrest. Officers said they watched Bonfert physically assault another person and take off running before being tackled by another person. Over the weekend, CSPD released video surveillance that allegedly showed Bonfert walking up to another man and punching him. Officers at the scene said Bonfert had not been provoked.

PREVIOUS STORY: October 31, 2020

The College Station Police Department responded to an online video showing an arrest of a man in the Northgate District Friday night. The video shows an officer attempting to arrest the man, who is on the ground. The officer can be seen punching him in the face two times and using pepper spray in an effort to arrest him.

The woman who posted the video can be heard saying "He doesn't know where he's at!" Another person can be heard saying "What is wrong with y'all?" The woman then posted the video to her Twitter account saying "Is this the blue you are backing?"

College Station PD responded to the woman's video on Twitter, explaining that the man was seen by officers punching a man in the face before running from the scene.

Editor's note: The video below has profanity.

Charles Bonfert, 28, of College Station, is charged with resisting arrest, evading arrest and disorderly conduct. He has since been released from the Brazos County Jail on $8,300 bond.

Charles Bonfert, 28, of College Station, is charged with resisting arrest, evading arrest and disorderly conduct. His arrest was caught on video and shows an officer punching him after he refused to comply with the officer's commands.

According to court documents, College Station officers said they were on routine bicycle patrol of the Northgate District Saturday morning. Just before 2:30 a.m., one of the officers said he saw a man, later identified as Bonfert, standing in front of a group of people. The officer said Bonfert then turned around and punched one of the men in the group in the face. The officer said it did not appear that any member of the group had provoked Bonfert. The other man was then knocked to the ground, according to the officer.

The officer said Bonfert then took off running as several people who were in the group began to chase after him. The officer said Bonfert ran right by him and the other bicycle officer. The officer said he shouted for Bonfert to stop and identified he was a police officer, than began to chase Bonfert across Boyett Street, down Patricia Street and finally towards First Street. One of the other people in the group chasing Bonfert then tackled him to the ground, according to the officer.

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The officer said he got to where Bonfert was on the ground and ordered him to put his hands behind his back. According to court documents, the officer said Bonfert refused. In the video, Bonfert can be seen trying to pull his hands back from the officer. At that time, the officer said he continued to tell Bonfert to put his hands behind his back and then "delivered a brachial stun to the left side of Charles' neck." On the video, it appears to look like a punch to the left side of Bonfert's face.

The officer said Bonfert then tried to push the officer away, and that's when on the video you can see the officer use pepper spray on Bonfert. The video then cuts away.

According to court documents, shortly after Bonfert was pepper sprayed, the officer said he gives up resisting and the officer said he was able to arrest Bonfert.

People have since re-Tweeted the video and tagging the College Station Police Department. The department has responded to the tweets with the officer's documentation of what led up to the arrest.