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Former Subway sandwich artist accused of swapping bills with counterfeit ones in cash register

The woman was caught on surveillance video taking the funny money from her bra and swapping it out with real bills from the cash register, police said.
Kashirra Offing, 21, of College Station, is charged with forgery. She's accused of swapping out counterfeit bills with real ones from the Subway restaurant where she had been employed.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A College Station woman has been arrested after being accused of passing counterfeit money at her place of employment.

Kashirra Offing, 21, is charged with forgery.  Offing was turned in to police by one of her bosses at a local Subway restaurant.  Officers assigned to the case said they watched surveillance video and are using it as evidence.

One of Offing's bosses says the apparent scheme was uncovered when a $100 bill was found in Offing's cash register, despite it being store policy that employees were not allowed to accept bills over $50.  The boss said when they confronted Offing about accepting the bill, she said she wasn't thinking about the policy when she accepted it, according to court documents.

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Investigators said after reviewing the surveillance video evidence, Offing is seen creating a pretend transaction and removing what looks like cash bills from her bra.  Offing then puts the bills under the cash register, waits to open the drawer, then swaps the fake bills with real ones, according to court documents.

Investigators examined the bills and later found them to be counterfeit, they said. One of the bills had the word "copy" printed in two places on the front and "this is not legal tender for all debts, public and private" in another location.

Offing is currently in the Brazos County Jail on $15,000 bond.

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