BRYAN, Texas - Starting today community college students may be packing more than just textbooks in their backpacks.

Texas SB 11 went into effect in August 2016 for four year universities now it is extending to include community colleges.

"We had a lot of input from students and from the community, and so we feel like we've really got a good plan in place in order to continue keeping out student and out visitors safe," said Blinn College Director of Communications Richard Bray.

A year after the campus carry law was put into effect, handguns will now be allowed on all college and university campuses across Texas.

With four campuses Blinn College has spent the last year preparing for this date including creating a special task force.

"For our implementation we created a campus carry task force of 34 members including students, faculty and staff from all four of our campuses," said Bray.

Bray says a big part of this task forces success was being able to gain insight from the Texas A&M campus carry task force who went throughout the same thing last year.

"What went well for them, what worked for them. what would they do differently, what was important to their success. They have had campus carry for the last year and it has been very successful and a smooth transition for them," said Bray.

Senior John Starks takes classes at both Blinn and A&M and says although it has been a year since the law "It

"It t doesn't really affect me personally but it's kind of iffy because you don't really know what will happen in the future to come," said Starks.

As far as Blinn college other than new signage, they don't see the new law having a big impact on the way their campus operates.

"We really don't expect it to have much of a day to day impact. we got a chance to see e last summer how it impacted four year universities, and four year universities around the state really didn't see a difference between July 31 and August 1," said Bray.

With campus carry students will be able to carry concealed weapon on all Blinn campuses except in areas where signs prohibit as well as at athletic events.

For students with dual Blinn, A&M admissions, Blinn campus says their rules were designed to keep it consistent with Texas A&M rules regarding campus carry.