BRYAN, Texas - The state slogan don't mess with Texas has taken on a new meaning as the State House has approved a bill that would make it legal for certain individuals to carry a hand gun without a license.

House Bill 1911 would allow Texans that are at least 21-years-old, have never been convicted of a felony and are not a member of a criminal street gang carry without a license.

Police chiefs from across Texas met at the Capitol on Tuesday to oppose the HB1911, saying it puts citizens and police in jeopardy.

However after a recent string of attacks around the state many people are debating whether or not constitutional carry could save more lives.

Jimmy Gibson has been a firearms instructor for the past seven years and as someone who grew up in the business, he feels people should have the right to defend themselves.

"I'm a very big advocate of concealed carry. I think it can do a lot of good if people are trained properly and are smart about it. I also think it could do damage if you're not," said Gibson.

As an instructor, Jimmy says he sees a variety of people in his classes. Some avid shooters and some who are more skeptical to the idea of carrying a weapon.

"People are brought up differently. They have different morals, they have different backgrounds, but self defense is a human right," said Gibson.

No matter what your stance, Jimmy says when it comes to using any kind of self-defense mechanism, education is key.

"Being educated, finding something you're comfortable with, learning how to use it is always smart and a good idea. If you're not comfortable with firearms, there are other options out there.

Jimmy's company Nosbig Defense Solutions specializes in properly educating those who are interested in learning about firearms and other self-defense mechanisms.

As for HB1911, it has been added to the House of representatives calendar and will be heard on the floor for a vote.