COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Next fall, College Station ISD will open its newest elementary school - River Bend Elementary.

As the new school opens its doors, students from other schools will need to be moved.

The College Station School Board announced a revised plan in a meeting last night, but no plans are set in stone yet.

In the initial plan, which was announced October 1st, students who will be attending the new River Bend Elementary School were pulled from six different schools. But, after hearing community concerns, the new plan only has students moving from just four.

The revised plan allows students who live in the Iris Lane/Hidden Acres neighborhoods to stay at Greens Prairie Elementary.

Edelweiss Gartens is also now zoned for their residents to stay at their respective schools, either Rock Prairie or Creek View.

The changes in the plan really apply to the Castlegate area - it moves the division to Victoria Avenue. And that's for safety concerns of the students. The no longer have to cross the busy roadway when walking to school.

Students who live on the westside of Victoria will remain at Spring Creek and those who live on the eastside will remain at Forest Ridge. But, students in the apartments along Southwest Parkway will be moved to River Bend.

The school board also announced that they are in favor of grandfathering the current third grade students.

However, no vote or action will be taken until at least the next board meeting, which is scheduled for October 16th.