COLLEGE STATION, Texas—He’s doing something small to make a big difference.

Police Officer Mike Fisher patrols the streets of College Station on his motorcycle as part of the motor unit.

This month, he’s changing up his uniform by wearing bright pink gloves to support breast cancer awareness month—something that hits home for Fisher.

When he was in middle school, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“My mom is a 22-year survivor and I wanted to pay honor to her,” said Fisher.

Four years ago, tragedy struck again. Fisher’s father was diagnosed with colon cancer, and passed away a year later.

Fisher said he wanted to do something to support those who are still fighting.

“It’s just something little I can do,” said Fisher.

“I want to bring awareness to the fight these people go through and this ugly disease that we all know as cancer,” he added.

It’s a small gesture that Fisher hopes will make an impact on those who see him.

“This is a very big thing on my heart to just show the rest of people that are still fighting that ‘you can do it,’ and there’s people that stand behind you,” Fisher said.